IPO GMP (Latest IPO Gray Market Premium)

“Gray Market Premium” refers to the difference between the price at which a company’s shares are trading in the unofficial or secondary market, often known as the grey market, and the price at which the shares were initially offered in an initial public offering (IPO) or another primary market offering.

The grey market premium indicates the market’s perception of the value of the company’s shares before they are officially listed on a stock exchange. It can fluctuate based on various factors such as demand, supply, market sentiment, and the company’s prospects.

Investors and traders closely monitor the grey market premium as it can provide an indication of the potential listing price and the demand for the shares. A high grey market premium suggests strong investor interest, while a low or negative premium may indicate weaker demand.

It’s important to note that grey market trading is unofficial and carries higher risks compared to trading on a regulated stock exchange. Investors should exercise caution and consider professional advice before participating in grey market trading.

Here, you can get the latest ipo gmp ( latest IPO gray market premium) of upcoming IPO.

Latest IPO Gray Market Premium Today (IPO GMP today)

Juniper Hotels IPO36021-02-202423-02-202428-02-20241017 Feb 24
Vibhor Steel Tubes15113-02-202415-02-202420-02-2024140 17 Feb 24
Yatharth Hospital IPO30026-Jul-202328-Jul-202307-Aug-20237823 JUL 23
Netweb Technologies India IPO50017-Jul-202319-Jul-202327-Jul-202336021 JUL 23
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank IPO2512-Jul-202314-Jul-202324-Jul-20231611 JUL 23
Senco Gold IPO3174-Jul-20236-Jul-202314-Jul-202313011 JUL 23
Cyient DLM IPO26527-Jun-202330-Jun-202310-Jul-202315507 JUL 23
ideaForge Technology IPO67226-Jun-202330-Jun-20237-Jul-202352507 JUL 23

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